APIs First with Women In APIs

With APIs you can build communication between systems and inside the same distributed system. It is fundamental to define the standard of this communication, the contracts on which base those. Being able to define contracts in a context where you need to exchange data, means to have clear what you need, that can be simply read data or do some sort of business logic, and what the consumer of your service, want to receive like a response. If you do this like the first step you save time during the test phase, and if your API governance skips this step, you can waste time in re-design and re-implement something wrong. Save time, means saving cost, and a good design API means avoid to wast money on useful development time.
To design a good API you need also to involve stakeholders during this phase. Define a strategy for API: public, private, or internal, which means to have clear who will be the consumer. And this information is fundamental to deciding the architectural element: can I use serverless, or do I know how the number of requests and the computational resources will grow?

To achieve this APIs mindset in your company you can create documentation, and share that, invest time in promoting the right APIs governance. Especially when your resources are in the cloud it is essential to take under control not only performance but also the costs, and through the observability of your monitoring and metrics also the happiness of your APIs consumers.

In this video, created by Spotlight as an initiative in collaboration with Women Apis Community, you can find more information.


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